Arrico Realty and Property Management is a bad property management company please stay away from this business as they will steal money from you. I rented a place from them and because their rental had issues I vacated the unit.

The issues were due to a water main leak which lowered our water pressure and limited our water access for over 2 months. I requested a work order to have the issue repaired but there was no prompt service and 17000 plus gallons later, water bubbling out of the ground, sidewalks and the street green someone actually showed up. Well I got stuck with the water bill still never paid by them a year and 6 months later. I didn't pay them all of the rent because of this so they decided to turn me into collections.

Please keep this in mind, that if a landlord fails to address major maintenance issues in a timely manner, the tenant can use that as evidence of a breach of contract. If a mediator or judge finds that the landlord did in fact breach the rental agreement, the tenant is free to leave the apartment without paying rent or the remaining months or paying a fine for breaking the lease early.

With that said I agreed to pay the remaining balance but they still attempt to make things difficult. I asked both the collection company and Arrico my payoff amount funny thing is they both were different. Then I find out Arrico removed my journal entries for payment so I couldn't see them along with the repair issues but left the other items alone for viewing, go configure.

Way ahead of them I had all these journal entries to reconcile the payment structure I made to them. Well come to find out they are trying to rip me off again with additional charges and for me to pay more. This qualifies for Rip Off Report to me.

Now they are going to have to deal with my attorney, just make sure if Arrico Property Management Company based out of Brandon Florida manages a rental you are considering don't do it they are thief's to the Property Management Industry. Renter beware as well as the investor/owner

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Horrible office staff. Excessively long wait periods for repairs. Avoid!

Lithia, Florida, United States #892590

I am an owner of several properties that Arrico Realty & Property Management has managed successfully for many years. They are one of the few that do thorough move-in/move-out inspections that include pictures and video.

They have always taken care of maintenance issues very timely with quality vendors.

The only time I have to get involved in any way is when the cost of the repair needed my approval.

Sounds to me like the individual that made this complaint was held accountable by Arrico for his actions/inactions and probably lost his deposit due to damage to the property, skipping out on rent or BOTH!

Good Job Arrico! Really appreciate your serve over the past 7 years!

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